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Veronica Beard + Weekend Reading

Jacket | Veronica Beard
Top | Banana Republic
Pants | DvF Gennifer 2 Pants
    I've seen this Veronica Beard jacket a few times over the last year, and the design always catches my eye. However, this jacket, although it has a cool lace applique, is an unlined, $700, utility jacket, so obviously I was not going to pay retail. It started to get marked down during the summer sales, but often my size was sold out, or the price was still sort of high. I toyed with the idea of doing a DIY version.

     Then, low and behold, I was at a Nordstrom Rack, and not only were they selling it, in my size, but it was marked down and in the clearance section! It is sold out on Nordstrom's own website, but still currently for sale on the Veronica Beard website (affiliate link above), and yet, there it was, on clearance! I grabbed it in the calmest way that someone can grab something off a clothing rack, and proceeded to the checkout immediately. For a minute, I thought about reselling it online, but the urge to wear it proved too strong. It fits TTS, although the sleeves seem unusually long. I suspect this isn't the last you'll be seeing it in my outfit photos.    

For your weekend perusal:
1. Did anyone in the Bay Area make it to the Color Factory? It looks like it could be cool, or just an Instagram fever dream (or both) but sadly all tickets are currently sold out!

1. A look at the manufacturing resurgence in the Carolinas (Glossy)

2. A chat with the stylist for the upcoming movie, Ingrid Goes West, on how Instagram influenced the character's wardrobes. (the trailer for this really stood out to me and I generally like Aubrey Plaza) (Racked)

3. Also, "How to Organize Your Closet Like a Costume Designer"

4. Lastly, this is old news, but for anyone who hasn't seen the video Celine Dion made for Vogue, this will start your weekend off right: Vogue 

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