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Did You Forget It?

Alice & Olivia Jacki
Dress | Alice + Olivia
Blazer | Theory
Earrings | Banana Republic
     Cause I didn't. I brought it. ☺ 
     It is a new year and a short work week, so I thought I'd rise, like a sartorial phoenix from the ashes, eschew the urge to pick comfortable, familiar outfits, and step it up this week. What better way to start the new year with a little clothing fun?
     This dress was actually my last clothing purchase of 2017, and is the Alice + Olivia Jacki Dress. It is a high neck sheath dress in Guipure lace (10 points to Gryffindor if you can tell me how to pronounce guipure - I honestly don't know). Normally, I would have paired it with a shapeless black cardigan, to balance out the fact that it is sleeveless and the v in the front is a bit low, but I decided instead to add a crisp blazer and some colorful, bejeweled earrings. The red in the earrings is a nice contrast to the blue lace, and is a little more festive than my typical minimalist jewelry. I thought people at work would think my earrings were too much for a Tuesday, but I actually got a ton of compliments on them, so there you go - statement jewelry is a crowd pleaser. 

Alice Olivia Dress
Alice + Olivia Dress
Alice + Olivia Lace Dress
       Since I went with a very embellished look on Tuesday, I decided to channel something sleeker on Wednesday, and was inspired by the idea of classic suiting with a twist. I really love this outfit, however I do admit that something gets lost in the photographs. It is really hard to photograph the details inside with less than ideal lighting, so I end up having to crank up the brightness, which results in a grainier photo. 
Blazer | Theory
Top | Vince
Pants | Rag & Bone (secondhand)
Shoes | Coclico

     However, if you will allow me to paint you a picture with my words, I am wearing (from the bottom up) the following. First, black skinny jeans that feature a leather chevron on the thigh, as well a waxed coating that coats approximately half of the pant leg (running vertically). Over that, is a blue, silk button-up blouse, bough a few sizes too large, so that it also functions as a tunic, and topped off with an over-sized grey blazer. The blazer has a black cloth lining that peaks out over the lapels, cell-phone sized pockets and has been faithfully serving in my wardrobe since 2014. 
     I might look blurry - but I felt pretty cool.

When is the last time you got psyched about an outfit? What would help?

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