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Review: Grana Silk Jumpsuit

Grana Jumpsuit Review
Outfit 1:    |    Outfit 2:
Cardigan: Halogen  |  Sweater | Everlane
Shoes: Coclico Banks Sandal
      As part of a Black Friday flash sale, I purchased the Grana Silk Jumpsuit, in size XS (I also bought the v-neck tank, and you can read about that here). It retails for $129, and I bought it for half-off. I was a little nervous, as finding a well-fitting jumpsuit can be tricky, and I wasn't sure if I would like Grana's silk, having never purchased anything from the brand before. I ended up really liking it, and wanted to share some photos, as well as a look at two ways I styled it. My bottom line is that (i) I think this was a great addition to my wardrobe on sale, but I probably wouldn't buy it for full price (although, to be fair, I feel that way about basically all clothing), or would wait to see if it goes on sale again, and (ii) it makes me curious about Grana's pant offerings, since these would be amazing as just elastic-waist pants.
Grana Jumpsuit Review Petite

Grana Review
This is pre-strap-adjustment.
     I am 5'2", and I thought that the fit of the XS was perfect. There is a small zipper on the side of the jumpsuit to help it slide on more easily, and the waist is elastic. The torso is generously cut to allow you to pull the elastic waist up - toward your natural waist, or down, lower toward your hips (I prefer wearing it lower than my natural waist). The straps are adjustable, there are two pockets and the silk is opaque, although it will show underwear lines (although whether that is something you care about or not is up to you). I chose to wear a strapless bra, but think it would look very cute with a bralette that peaks out, as well. The silk is also very soft, which I think is my favorite part - I didn't expect this jumpsuit to be so comfortable, and I can't wait to wear it all the time once the weather heats up.
Grana Silk Jumpsuit
     Since it isn't quite warm enough to wear as-is, I first added a long cardigan, to showcase the jumpsuit itself. I added a block heel in the same color palette as the cardigan, and a simple silver necklace, to draw attention to the flattering v-neck of the jumpsuit.
Grana Silk Jumpsuit Review
Grana Silk Jumpsuit Review
     Next up, I layered on a sweater, so the jumpsuit looked like slouchy pants. I really like this look, however it is difficult because it requires you to take the sweater all the way off before peeing, which feels like more of an ordeal than simply removing a cardigan. Bathroom struggles aside, this is how I ended up wearing the jumpsuit the rest of the day. It sort of feels like a sartorial secret, the world thinks you are just wearing pants...but you know better. 
Grana Jumpsuit
Grana Jumpsuit
Grana Jumpsuit
Do you have any Grana pants, and if so, are you a fan?
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  1. I got 2 silk tanks from one of Grana’s sales, and I’m a fan (it’s winter so haven’t worn them yet). Also got a worsted wool bomber from them in the same sale and the fit was awful. That’s fine- bombers are tough on me (6’ tall, height in torso, and slim), but their return process is a nightmare. First of all, they charge you (in addition to shipping). Second of all, you have to get a code from them before returning which took me a week. So, glad the jumpsuit fit! It’s cute :)

    1. Ugh - that sucks! I didn't even look at the return policy before I purchased, which is a pretty rookie move. Hopefully they will get it processed soon.

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