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Almost 2015

Blazer | Theory
Shirt | Madewell
Skirt | See by Chloe
       I was trying to figure out if there is a common thread (chuckle) that runs through these three outfits, and it came so close to being 2015. The jacket below: purchased in 2015. The dress at the bottom: purchased in 2015. Unfortunately, this first outfit thwarts us, because that blazer? 2014, baby. Honestly, I feel like the overarching themes of this blog are 1. sarcasm, 2. navy and 3. never get rid of any clothing - just keep them until you run out of closet space and then try to think of other creative places in your apartment to put them. I mean, what else are you really doing with the space under the bed?

     This first outfit is an homage to a school uniform/vaguely inspired by my recent watching of the film, Heathers (image right). This might be generational, but I was not a fan of that movie. I always see it on those lists of the best movies on Netflix, but think it did not age well if you didn't initially watch it in your youth. Anyway, it is a grey over-sized blazer, a casual white t-shirt (my first ever Madewell piece, although I bought it secondhand) and a navy skirt. The tiers of the skirt have cords that hang down, and can be tightened or loosened, like the waist of track pants, which is delightful, but also caused me to get caught on the corner of things all day.

Jacket | A.L.C.
Dress | Equipment 
     Next up is a jacket that I recently rediscovered and vowed to wear more often. I think it looks the best when it is zipped up all the way, so what I wear underneath it doesn't really matter. It has very unusual buttons, they are more like snaps, and a bunch of layers, which are a bit clearer in the close-up on the right. The only downside is that the hood is zippered down the middle, so that when it is unzipped it sits flat across your back, like ladybug wings (which is cool), but when zipped all the way up (like a functional hood) the end of the zipper is in the front of the hood, so it hits you in the face. I feel like they definitely did not have the model test it in the rain during the development phase. 
Dress | Tibi
      Lastly is a slip dress I've featured here before. It is one of my favorites, and was perfect to wear last Friday, because the sun was out and I was in a cheery mood. I like the vibrant red and how comfortable it is. I added a simple necklace to make the neckline a little more interesting, and felt ready for summer.
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  1. The blazer and the jacket are both super cool! The zipper on the hood of the jacket sounds pretty funny though, definitely not practical for actually using the hood...

    1. Thanks! Yea, it is frustrating when form and function fight each other.

  2. Oh the jacket sounds frustrating to wear! I love your other outfits though :) I think the first one is my favourite as I really like that skirt! :)

    I wish I had enough wardrobe space to keep anything - I need to clear out more so it's easier to organise my clothes, haha!

    Hope you are having a great weekend! We had a busy one, some Church Online people flew over from the US so the weekend was full of activities :)

    Away From The Blue Blog

    1. Thank you! I do too - one day I envision I'll have a large, well-organized walk-in closet, although that might be wishful thinking, haha.