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Conference Me In

    I flew to a conference last week (and forgot to remove my name-tag in some of the photos) so I was forced to plan my outfits out ahead of time. It was in Boston and I basically under-packed for the weather. I wish I had brought one extra layer to put over a sweater/ underneath my coat. I wish even more that I had brought a hat. Next time.
     First up, my solution to standing out in a sea of black suiting:
Linen Pants
Sweater | 360 Cashmere
Pants | Halogen
Shoes | Coclico Arya
     There was no written dress code, so, based on the industry, I assumed business casual. I'd say that was about right - a few people were in suits, but the vast majority were not. However, everyone was in dark colors (as was I the rest of the week). I'm not sure if it is the cold weather, or the fact that dark colors feel more professional, but it made me want to try something different. 
     That ultimately was a pair of linen slacks and an ombre cashmere sweater. I'm also rocking an ombre scarf in the images above. I didn't plan it to be double ombre, but I received that scarf for Christmas and have been wearing it at every chilly opportunity. Normally I wear these linen pants in the summer with open-toed wedges, but since the weather was in the high 40s, I swapped those out for tan boots that had enough of a heel that the pant legs wouldn't drag on the ground. The pants got a little wrinkly by the end of the day (it happens) but I got a few compliments and was overall pleased with the look. 
Cashmere Ombre Sweater
Ombre close-up.
     Here are my other two outfits, plus the outerwear I brought. The rest of this is basically a colorful dress and sweater, and then jeans and a blazer. In examining these photos I'm not sure the tan boot worked with the black jeans as well as I wanted it to. However, I wore that on Friday when everyone was exhausted, and my shoes were the least of their concerns. I also picked those jeans so I could wear them on the plane (with a hoodie) because they are as comfortable as wearing sweatpants. 
Sweater: J. Crew     || Blazer: Argent
Dress: Tanya Taylor      || Pants: Rag and Bone
Shoes: Cole Haan     || Boots: Coclico
Jacket: Rebecca Taylor

How do you dress when you travel? 
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