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     So, turns out I'm very into this jean jacket, despite my early reservations. Last week I wore it several days in a row, including on a sunny Friday with this checkered dress. I love how the light color goes with so many things and how it easily dresses down any outfit. I usually wear a leather jacket with this dress, but it was too warm for that, so I picked up the denim jacket instead and popped the collar because it felt right. 

This dress is Atelier Delphine, and has remained a favorite of mine since I bought it in 2015. (I was shocked it had been that long and I never would have guessed it but 2015 was a great shopping year for me.) It is comfortable and always make it seem like I dressed up more than I did. The best part, though? The two side pieces of fabric that form a second skirt layer and wrap around the front, so you can tie them in a bow.
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  1. Really cute, summer-y outfit. Glad the jean jacket is working out well!

    1. Thanks! It is aways a pleasant surprise when impulse purchases work out, haha.