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Lady Day

Dresses | Alyssa Nicole
     A little while ago I attended an event in the city that I found out about on Instagram (which maybe is a thing people do all the time?), called the Femme Fair. It was sort of a blogger-bazaar with a, the Future is Female, vibe. If you want to know more, I'll just go ahead and link you to a recap by one of the ladies who planned the event here. 
     The absolute highlight, for me, was discovering the Bay Area designer, Alyssa Nicole. She was selling samples from her line at heavily discounted prices and I just so happened to fit into her sample size, so it was a real treat. I was drawn to the pink dress above, from across the room, and just made a bee-line for it. The print is pretty loud, but I think the tailoring helps keep it from looking over-the-top. After shimming into the dress over my jeans and t-shirt (the line for the few changing rooms was crazy long) I also ended up buying the blue one, since they have a similar shape. I don't really have any other dresses like this in my collection, and love how feminine they are - the cinched waist and the bell sleeves are very ladylike, and I love her use of print. Not only that, but both dresses are fully lined (which makes sense for the regular price point, but since I got them at a discount, was amazing).

If the clothes alone were not enough, Alyssa, and her mother, who was there assisting, were both incredibly nice. They answered all my questions about the collection and about the line - it isn't every day you get to speak with the person who designed, must less made your clothing - and it was great to meet them. I always enjoy opportunities like this because it helps connect your clothing to a real person and their passion. I am now all set on ladylike dresses, but will definitely be keeping an eye on this designer in the future. 
This one was a little bit big in the bust - I guess her fit model is a little chestier than I, haha
 Last but not least, check out the cute packaging! Since this was a sale event she probably didn't have to give out bags of any kind, but it is little things like this that are a nice personal touch and that leave you with such a positive overall impression.
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  1. These dresses are super cool (and made even more so by your having the opportunity to chat with and buy directly from the designer). I really like bright colors and fun prints, though I don't end up with too many opportunities to buy new items in that vein anymore. (For things at my price point, I either don't like the print or the design of the item, and I think it's been a very long time now since I bought anything printed.)

    1. I wish I could talk with more designers - I love hearing about the story and inspiration behind pieces. Also, for a long time I gravitated away from prints, I think I was worried it would be harder to pair them with other items in my closet, but for whatever reason I've turned over a new leaf.