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Dotty + Weekend Reading

Boots Rachel Comey
Blazer | Theory
Top | Emerson Fry
Pants | Joe's Jeans
Shoes | Rachel Comey Mars
This week was pretty busy, and I feel like my brain is just out of words. Luckily, I can use photos, and link to other people's words down below. These photos show that I am really into skinny jeans with these boots right now. I think the skinny jean in a dark color makes my legs look really long. The slight heels also makes me very aware of my posture and so I always try to stand up straight. I look at least 5'5'' in that photo, don't you think =) 
   I'm also all over the dark color-palette-spectrum here as well, as well as with polka dots and stripes: the top is navy, the jeans are black, the blazer is grey, and the boots are actually sort of maroon. 
Emerson Fry Blouse
Emerson Fry Blouse
Rachel Comey Mars

For your weekend perusal:

1. Apparently it is prom season, and there are so many articles featuring blast-from-the-past prom pictures: like this one from Man Repeller, and this one from Fashionista

2. Also, from Fashionista, I appreciated this compilation of ethical clothing resources

3. I've seen this article mentioned a few places, it is an examination of if Beyonce is fostering an unattainable ideal with her pregnancy. I really enjoy all things Beyonce and honestly, would be surprised if she approached her pregnancy with anything less than the typical creative juice with which she presents her life to the public (NYT).

4. Lastly, in honor of Monday's Met Gala a look at last year's best dressed, and an interview with the woman of the hour, Rei Kawakubo herself (GoFugYourself and Vogue, respectively).

5. But actually lastly, this little gem:
I have no regrets!
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  1. I really like the way you cuff your blazer sleeves and showing a bit of your shirt :) And yes! The combination of the boots and the skinny jeans make your legs look long. I like this ensemble a lot!

    1. Thanks! I love blazers with interesting linings and it is always fun to contrast them with my tops.