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Victoria Beckham x Target: Fitting Room Review

Target Victoria Beckham

I should say at the outset, that this is more of a look at the fit of the collection on someone who is petite, as well as a general comment on quality - but first, some thoughts:
     I was of two minds when I first heard about this collaboration. On the one hand, I am down with Victoria Beckham. I liked her as Posh Spice and I like her as the head of legit fashion-line Victoria Beckham, and Victoria by Victoria Beckham.  Additionally, because those two lines are rather expensive (some of it, my-annual-shopping-budget-for-one-piece expensive), I like the idea of her doing a Target collab, where everything will be priced below $80.
     On the other hand, these collaborations can so often be disappointing or gimmicky. The quality often isn't that good, putting these squarely in the category of fast-fashion, and the items sell out quickly and then are re-sold online for far more than they are worth. Additionally, take a black dress, of which this collection features several. Instead of buying a black dress from this collection, just because it is VBxTarget, I think I'd prefer to spend the time to find a black dress that is either a better fit, or better quality, or more functional and that will stand the test of time. Who knows, maybe the black dress in her collection will do that, but I don't think that is the point. I thought this piece by Glossy was an interesting read and notes that the point is to drive you to the store, or keep a positive association with it in your mind, so that you will consider doing more of your shopping there in the future. It also helps the designers reach a broader audience that they might otherwise. 
     All of that being said, I decided to check it out anyway. I needed to go to Target and I always find reviews to be helpful so I thought I'd get out there and review - read on for my thoughts.

I arrived at my local Target at 9:30am, which was after the opening rush (I think it opened at 8am) but still early enough that the store was pretty empty of Sunday morning Target shoppers. The only downside was that the bee print scarves, which I thought were one of the cutest looks in the collection, were long gone. BTW, this collection has a strict 14 day return policy, which is shorter than the usual Target return policy so keep an eye on the calendar if you ordered something and aren't sure you love it. 
Bunnies Victoria Beckham
Blush Collared Dress - $35
My initial impression was underwhelming. As you can see from the photo above, this dress was left in spades. I didn't try it on because (i) the bunnies on the collar make it a little too tween for my wardrobe and (ii) the fabric looked cheap. It was wrinkly on the hanger, which didn't leave a lot of hope for movement in every-day life. This one was a pass.
Target review
Black and White Mod Shift Tulip Applique Dress - $40
I felt similarly about this one as well, but at least this dress was lined.
Review Victoria Beckham Target
Black Calla Lily Satin Ruffle Hem Dress - $35 - XS
It wasn't all wrinkly, though. There were a few pieces with the calla lily print, but I was most drawn to the dress. The print is very striking on the black background, and looked good. The fit on this was also pretty great - I am wearing an XS, and there is no gaping or bra-showing on the side. I ended up passing because although the dress is cute, it isn't lined (not that I necessarily expect it to be lined for $35) but I didn't want to add another black dress to my wardrobe that wasn't bringing in something I didn't already have. 
Target Victoria Beckham Bee
Bee Print Button Down Top - $30 - XS
 Since there were no bee print scarves or tanks to be had, I tried on the bee print button-down. I really liked the bee print, it is unusual and cute. What I loved most about this shirt were the sleeve cuffs. It has really long, thick cuffs that felt like you could fold them back in a way to create a lot of sleeve drama. It also looked much better tucked in, as the main issue here was that the shirt was too big. It is 100% cotton, so it might shrink in the wash, but that is always a dangerous game to play. I ended up getting it, to try it on with a few other pieces in my closet (for example, to see if I could wear it tucked into a pencil skirt) and if not, I will bee (haha) returning it. 

Sort of more like a tunic, or smock. 
Blush Floral Jacquard Bomber Jacket - $35 - XS
 This print came on a few different pieces, including a dress and this bomber jacket, and was quite popular - being tried on by multiple other women in the dressing room. I like the color, and think it is pretty cute, but in person, the print and the fit did not move me. Also, I already own too many jackets, so I passed. 
 However, underneath that bomber is one of my favorite pieces. I was not expecting to like this Pepto-Bismal pink top but I loved it! It felt very spring-time appropriate, and, like the dress, fit great in the arms/bust on me. It also has a very delicate fringe around the bottom that makes it a little more visually interesting. It is a collection of synthetic materials (rayon, polyester and spandex) and it feels weighty and soft. I will probably wear this to the office next week (on Friday) with jeans and a leather jacket - weather permitting. 
Fuchsia Twill Tank Top - $26 - XS
 I couldn't help myself, so I tried on the matching pants as well - but there was no love story there. I really hated these. They were tight in the butt, and yet huge in the waist, and pretty see through. Hard-pass. 
Fuchsia Twill Flared Trouser - $40 - Size 0
Lastly, a rain jacket and a sticker book, from the little girls' collection. I didn't take any photos, but I think the real stars of this collection were the baby clothes, and little girl clothes. A lot of the elements that felt overly precious in the adult clothing (bunnies, flowers, scallops) were right at home on the little dresses and onesies. I don't think there is anything wrong with any of those elements, by themselves, but the way that they were executed here didn't connect with me. I think the creative inspiration was clothing moms and daughters could wear together, but I think they were a little too literal in the design. That being said, I did pick up the sticker book, for my niece, which is so cute and has a variety of stickers, (some of which are the fuzzy kind!) and I did try on the children's raincoat, because, why not, I was already there. The XL fit perfectly, but sadly, did not leave the store with me. It did, however, kind of make me want a see-through raincoat.

Clear Flower Raincoat - $35 - XL
Sticker Book - $6
Overall - I thought the collection had some hits (for children) and some misses (mostly for adults), and I would have liked to see more adult accessories (there were bibs and baby blankets, for example, which were both adorable). As such, while I still can't afford to buy any of her pieces at retail, I have decided to stalk VB pieces on the RealReal and maybe one day I'll find the prefect, marked-down piece.

So, did you do see the collection, and if so, what did you think?


  1. The pink top is cute! The other stuff does look kinda cheap and twee. Which is weird...I don't think of VB as that twee. Maybe I'll see if they have any cute stuff in 5T. :-)

    1. I know! Surprisingly twee, indeed.
      Also, is she 5T? I'll have to keep that in mind = )