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Sweet Tee

I started the day full of heels and hope, and ended the day with neither. Just kidding, I still had hope. I've had these Coach wedges for a while and never wear them, so I tried to sell them to a consignment store, but they didn't want them. I'll give them a try at Crossroads, and then it is straight to Goodwill. I tried to wear them again today, but they are just a little too high and a little too big. Alas.
Dress | Eileen Fisher (also in green)
Shoes| J. Crew
         In better sartorial news, I have been craving the perfect t-shirt dress, and I think I very well found it. It is Eileen Fisher, and is made from a rather soft jersey. I first found a dress made out of this material at Nordstrom Rack, which I almost just bought because of the comfort factor, but it had more of a tent shape and long sleeves. It led me on a search to see what other dresses they had that were made of that material, and I absolutely love this one. I like the simplicity, the minor side leg slit, and that is a more substantial not-see-through jersey, which is great. 
Eileen Fisher, while generally a brand I find myself drawn to more and more, usually doesn't fit me very well. In this instance, I am wearing an XXS, which fits perfectly in the shoulder, and is still a proper midi length. Today I played it pretty straight - with some minimal jewelry and flats, but I have grand plans for this dress yet, including intense necklace laying, and fun with statement heels. 
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