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Workworkworkworkworkwork (sung like the Rihanna song)

Sweater | Uniqlo x Lemaire
Dress | Rebecca Taylor (secondhand)
Shoes | Matt Bernson
Top | Calvin Klein (secondhand)
Cardigan | Halogen (secondhand)
Pants | Marc by Marc Jacobs
Shoes | Donald J. Pliner

I'll give you two guesses as to what I've been up to lately, although I'm sure you only need one....it is obviously pouring over fashion photos from Cannes.  Well, in addition to that, I've been working and so here are two workworkworkworkworkwork outfits.
Both of these outfits feature old stalwart items. First up, an outfit featuring a pair of shoes I have had since 2013, and which have only recently become comfortable. When I was in New York, one of the first sample sales I went to was for Matt Bernson - it was around the corner from my apartment and I stumbled into it on my way home (also, I do miss that about New York, there is no better city in the world for stumbling upon). As much as I wanted to love these shoes (they are so flattering on my legs and go with everything) they were not comfortable and gave me blisters so I shoved them in the back of a closet. I couldn't part with them, however, because that felt like defeat. Flash forward to today, I now wear them to work, and while they are totally fine for wearing in the office all day, they still start to hurt if I try to walk great distances in them. At this point though, I think they are getting close to falling apart and I feel like I did my part on making sure they were put to use. (Also, as I read this, I think the fact that I've kept them so long is slightly nuts, and they should probably go).

Next up, a pair of work pants that have served me well since 2014. I bought these when I started my current job, and they were a Marc Jacobs splurge from Nordstrom Rack (so I just looked them up because I got them around the time I started keeping my clothing spreadsheet, and they were a whopping $72.68 - however, at that point I was used to buying pants, on sale, from the Gap for like $30). I still love them, and if anything, their streamlined, ponte-pant-ness has become only more and more trendy over the years. They also have fun zippers around the ankles. I went nuts with a half-tucked shirt, because it is the only way I know how to wear a shirt, and was feeling good.
Speaking of Nordstrom Rack (honestly, these posts are never sponsored, but I should look in that, haha, I basically buy all my shoes there) I recently found these babies - comfortable right off the shelf. I've seen a lot of Donald J. Pliner shoes there and they always catch my eye because they seem very well made, however nothing has ever been quite the right fit. These will be versatile work shoes for me and, it is hard to see but there is a little rhinestone border at the edge of the sole, which is pretty delightful.
Donald J. Pliner Pruesp
Donald J. Pliner Pruesp
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