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Style Dtour - Master of None (Francesca)

Photo Credit: Netflix
To those of you in the US, I hope you had a lovely Memorial Day. The long weekend gave me the opportunity to unwind a bit, and finally watch Season 2 of Master of None, on Netflix. I thoroughly enjoyed it, and wanted to do a quick recap of the wardrobe of one of the main characters this season: Francesca. For those who haven't seen it, but are planning on it, don't worry, no spoilers or plot points here. All I will say is that Francesca is Italian (played by Italian actress Alessandra Mastronardi), and I really enjoyed her wardrobe and am looking forward to putting my own spin on a few of the themes I saw in her wardrobe. Also, if you'd like to read an interview with the clothing designer for the show, herself, click here. The last thing I'll say before we dive in is that most of these are photos that I took myself, so I apologize for the slightly bootleg quality about them - who knew that Netflix doesn't let you take screen shots? 

Let's break it down with three common themes:
The Coat Game is Strong With This One
Basically, this season made me realize that I need a camel coat, it appears it will go with everything, and I should probably just get one. There is a particular camel coat that Francesca wears throughout the whole season, and she always looks so stylish. This character is always accessorized pretty minimally: just a cute beanie, a well wrapped scarf and gloves, or a single necklace, as seen in the top picture. I appreciate that they mostly had her wear the same coat over and over (as did Aziz Ansari's character), rather than putting her in a different designer piece each time. That being said, there was also this coat, which is pretty great as well. 
Sorry Aziz - no new coat for you.
Casual but Polished
The casual wardrobe for the character is also pretty simple, but polished. For example, I think her jeans in the photos below are ripped above the knee, but the look is still sharp. Part of that, though, might be because she is standing in front of an immaculately clean white kitchen. Also, I generally strongly dislike a mock-neck, or a turtleneck, but this one is pretty cute - I think the cute little piping details are clouding my better judgment =)
Similarly, these pants are great. I love the color and the way they are paired with that white button down. It feels like the more sophisticated older sister of jeans and a white tee shirt, and like this is something I could wear on the weekend this summer.
You can't really see the outfits, but I liked this shot.
Polka Dots
The last piece here is polka dots. When we first meet Francesca, she is wearing a polka dot headband, and that element is incorporated a few times in her later looks as well. Also, when we first meet her, that particular episode is in black and white, and since they can't use color, the print really pops in the scene (as do the striped shoes below). I like that it is a visual theme that they keep coming back to for this character, but that they also switch it up, and don't make her just wear that headband a bunch of times in a row. 
Photo Credit: Netflix
Close up of the headband.
The polka dots are claiming more ground.
The polka dots have taken over!
Photo credit: Netflix
Did you see Master of None? What did you think, of either the show or the clothes? Excuse me while I go make dinner browse the RealReal for camel coats... 


  1. Ha! I also just watched season2 and am coveting her wardrobe esp the museum outfit! Pls do a round up of affordable versions of those pants?