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A bauble is technically any small, showy trinket or decoration, but whenever I hear the word bauble I always picture small, bubbly beads, such as the ones on this necklace. It is also such a great word to say - it sort of sounds like the name of a cute, round Pokemon: Bauble bauble.....ok that last one might just be me, and some recent lack of sleep is maybe having an effect.
These photos are a little dark - for example you can't really tell I'm wearing jeans, as opposed to black trousers, but the necklace shines through. I wear it sometimes when I want to liven up an outfit without any additional work. This necklace, in addition to the unusual zippers on the sweater, also add a little polish and visual interest to an otherwise simple, and somewhat staid color palette.
Top | J. Crew
Necklace | Ann Taylor Loft (old)
Pants | AG "Stevie" Ankle Jeans
Shoes | Calvin Klein Kasey Suede
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