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Fringe Factor

This dress makes me think of winter and summer at the same time. I can see it with a metallic sandal or cute wedge, being versatile in the summer, or with black tights, lots of sparkle, and perfect for a holiday party. 
Maje Smocked Fringe Dress
To be fair - this is not how I wore this to work. I added black tights, and an oversized cardigan, as otherwise I think there is a bit too much leg here. I found this dress at ReLove SF and instantly fell in love. I like the fabric, the fringe, and the waist, which is a little unusual. It can be worn all the way pulled down, or folded on top of itself and I think it would also look cool belted, which is how I saw it on Lyst's website:

I have to say though, that this dress is a little finicky - it is mostly cotton but look at the care instructions!  Whatever - I will probably hand wash, dry clean, or just will it to be clean with the power of my mind - hopefully that doesn't disintegrate it = )
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