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Should Have Done a D.I.Y.

Blazer | Theory
Sweater | J. Crew
Pants | DL1961
I am slowly but surely incorporating more "holiday" elements into my wardrobe. If it is shiny, sparkly, red, or velvet, there is a good chance I will capitalize on wearing it over the next few weeks. 
This sweater is from J. Crew, and over 3 years old. I fell for it immediately, and then proceeded to rarely wear it because the cashmere pilled at the slightest touch (it isn't a shirt layered under a sweater, the collar is connected). It is a case where, even though I think the sweater is cute, I should have just bought a collared shirt and done my own DIY addition of beads to the collar. (It worked out with my feather blazer). I could have been layering it under different sweaters all of these years for a more versatile look!

 Do you have a look you'd wish you just tackled on your own, instead of buying it - ready made - in stores?

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